New Instrument Sounds/Patches?

Hi All,

Does anyone happen to know if there are any instrument sounds/patches I can download to add to what Cubase 5 already produces? I’m looking for Middle Eastern instruments and percussion, that I can then play myself, instead of fiddling with prerecorded loops.


Not for free, but some good ones: (you need EZDrummer first)

Free, but not as good:

Dear Bane,

Thanks, these are great, especially the Ra set. Do I need a second program to use these samples within Cubase? The site mentions something about “PLAY”, but I can’t find on the site where to access that?
Thanks again!

On the minimum requirements section it says that it is VST compatible. PLAY looks like a free included host application to use RA as a standalone if you don’t have a DAW like Cubase (think toontrack solo).

So, no, you won’t need anything software besides Cubase. But do remeber you will need to buy an iLok security key.