New instrumental tune


Would really appreciate some feedback on a new tune i have been working on lately. An instrumental. I think it is finished, but cant really make up my mind if it needs more work.

Any comments? Thanks in advance

Greetings from Oslo, Norway :slight_smile:

Hi audiorommet, I gave it a couple of listens. I thought it was cool the way the pulse of the piece takes a few bars to establish itself. In the first few bars, it’s not clear, and as it settles, it’s a delightful riff. I think the piece has potential for more variety in the same vein; it doesn’t do so much after that. The sounds are really good. Liked it very much; thanks for sharing it with us.

I liked this but it did seem a bit to long, perhaps add some vocals or something to hide the repetitiveness, I know most music repeats itself and I’m one of the world’s worst for playing the same stuff over but in my opinion the secret is make it so the listener dosent notice it, for my style of songs i usually do that by playing different lead guitar parts over verses and sometimes change the tune of the vocals over the music, just my opinion tho and like I said I did like it and it does show ur talent

I think the mix sounds great.
I love the airy piano at the start, nice intro.
In my opinion the changes in instrumentation keep the piece interesting enough, although I would agree with the others that musically, the track doesn’t really seem to go anywhere after you established the main theme.

Good to hear from you again! I hope things are going well for you :wink: