New Interface for AI4

Hey All,

I have been using the Yamaha Audiogram 3 for some time now with Cubase AI4 but it has been giving me problems when recording quieter clean guitars and mics (Computer hum/noise). What good reasonably priced interface(s) would work well with Cubase? I know Steinberg makes thier own but i’ve read some negative reviews. I’ve heard Focusrite’s are good too. Thoughts?

My thoughts based on the great service I got from these devices. Never had a problem (knock on wood).

Check out PreSonus. Specifically the “Audiobox” for USB connection or the “FireStudio” for a firewire connection. Resonably priced, good reviews. The two “Firebox” models I have (the older version of the current “FireStudio” have been in service since 2007 with zero issues.

They are well built and work well with Cubase.

Have fun finding something you like. :wink:

FYI… do not invest in a used older model “Firebox” that I have because PreSonus does not support it with new drivers and such. So stick with the newest model of any brand you finally go with.

Regards :sunglasses: