New interface (Motu Audio Express) + Cubase LE 5 - no signal

back here to be ridiculed again over something very simple no doubt.

Been recording away with Cubase LE 5 and Tascam interface fine for months. Having great fun. Just upgraded the interface to a Motu Audio Express ( Everything installed fine etc.

I’m using the USB connection not the Firewire option for now.

As per screensheets, have connected:

  • a condenser MIC to ‘MIC/inst input 1’ (phantom switched on and ‘Mono In’ selected as input in Cubase) and
  • guitar via instrument cable in to ‘MIC/inst input 2’. (Mono 2 selected as input when trying this)
    Stereo out selected as output for both.

The line meters on the Motu are acknowledging the MIC and guitar. I can also get the dry signal in the headphones via the headphones jack on the front of the MOTU. However no signal to record in Cubase.

I’ve looked in the manual (which I’ve read) for any troubleshooting info but none for this problem. Also nothing really online perhaps cuz the Audio Express is quite new.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks
screenshot VST connections - outputs.jpg
screenshot VST connections - Inputs.jpg

Just wondering if you have been able to successfully play back audio through your new interface to make sure the drivers have loaded correctly?