New iPad - Now what?

Never been an Apple fan but I bought one of the iPads. Woah! Looking at music apps. Any suggestions?
Got garage band. Anyone tried one of the guitar interfaces. AmpKit from Peavey and Agile looks interesting as do the Apogee and Line6 offerings.

Love sitting out on my bac patio surfing the net, reading, learning Garage Band, getting used to this onscreen keyboard - slowly!

& you have a lot of “controller” for host or vst


There’s a Steiny remote App… :sunglasses: Works pretty well, one of my pals joined the iCult like you have :wink: :wink: and we tested it with my DAW, (he has the Digital Performer remote app)

here some nice apps for iphone/ipad :

have fun ! :wink:

Thank You!!!

Aloha s,

There is also tons o’ IK Multimedia stuff for iPAD/Phone/PodTouch.


And a big THANK YOU to you also, sir!

Lovin’ the iPad. Only turn the desktop on once a week to backup the tablet.
Waiting for the new Peavey ampkit link HD before I try any music.
Garage Band iPad is simultaneously ingenious and idiotic.

I’m getting an Ipad2 (used) today also. First ever Apple device of any kind. Look forward to trying some of the suggestions

another great controler for Cubase & Nuendo “qb” from “artsUNMUTED” working with “Lemur” From “Liine” !

lemur :

Real musicians:

This more my speed:

Good example of various instruments by a master

Have you used the artsnmuted?

For controllers, I used TouchOsc originally (, but now I use Lemur with my own templates and it is truly awesome. As far as hardware goes, I’ve had a lot of them (irig, Irig midi, ampkit, Griffin guitar connect, Tascam im2, Griffin imic)and I recently bought a Tacam IU2 and love it; 2 mic pres with phantom power, guitar in, spdif out, midi I/O, great monitoring, and you can charge the Ipad from it! Also, it doesn’t require the camera connection kit so it works perfectly on my Iphone as well. It’s built a little flimsily but it sounds great. Stay away from stuff that uses the 1/8" input.

I’m waiting to see what the upgraded Peavey Ampkit Link HD looks like before I get an interface. Supposed to be out this month. Uses the dock connector instead of the 1/8".

Since I don’t have an iPhone I’ll probably go with some USB/DCC rig if the Peavey doesn’t get good reviews. They’ve been promising it for second quarter since it was first demoed back in January. That means this month or I suspect an issue.

Aloha guys,

Here is a kool piece of hardware for the iPad.



“Have you used the artsnmuted?”

not yet but it seems very complete layout for cubase/nuendo ! you video on the site

Just getting up and running with the IPad A few big steps were needed ,mainly I had to put my daw online for the first time ever Since Im using XP 64x which ITunes doesn’t support ,Ihad to source Bonjour separately

Had my first wow moments using the Cubase app. Even bigger wow moment using the Omnisphere controller ,fantastic app.

Enjoy, my friend, enjoy!

It’s pervading my life. My wife is on a trip with her garden club to San Diego. Elaborate watering instructions for the three day trip. Temps here this weekend are over 110. So I followed her around and shot videos, water this plant on slow drip, show me that drip, these for 15min those for an hour, everyday here these are Saturday, those Sunday. Chronolite free app is great for multiple timers. iA Writer is excellent. Much smarter keyboard, cut and paste to forums. $0.99.

Thanks for tips Surfer, any others that come to mind please let me know.

Anyone using the Omnisphere TR let me know if you’re succesfully recording automation into Cubase.