New kind of use Mediabay preview and drag into project

Hi, I would like suggest for the future, some new kind of feature for Mediabay to make addition for new ways to compose using the Mediabay and new functionn to assist with particular kinds of samples and how they will be created once dragged into the project after preview.

  1. if you are are playing a Wav with the mouse or the keyboard in MediaBay, you can adjust the start position graphically and when you drag the sample (WAV/AIFF) into the project this will be the default snapping point. This is primarily intended for PADS/Long oneshots/reverse sounds/rolls/fillss. By taking advantage of the way these samples are used, this could be a very useful addition

  2. the option to “auto map” WAV/AIF to playable instruments so Midi input via Keyboard or Controller can start playing the sounds right away from the keys (input). Easy option like chromatically mapped/one shot/reverse/loop would be good. When these options are added at export a Instance of HalionSE or other sampler will be created.


a simple illustration… this would be super awesome for me…
#1 drag start cursor to place
#2 drag to Arranger