New kit

Of course, I want to show them off.

After foolishly selling some of my arsenal of incredibly awesome kit, for an equally foolish notion of starting a business selling radio controlled flying machines, I needed some new gear. Who knew that people who are into radio controlled flying machines would set new records for the cheapest people in the world? I guess I didn’t… :frowning:

Anyway, after buying a lovely ESP LTD B204SM 4-string bass guitar with spalted maple top, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the ESP line, so I purchased a slightly used ESP LTD MH-103QM guitar, with quilted maple top and see-through blue finish. I had been looking at new ones, but found a used one, with a darker finish than the new ones available. I just received this guitar today, and I am so glad that I bought the used one, rather than the new. The new ones have a bright blue finish, which is very nice, but the darker finish has won me over, and also seems to be more rare.

It has a Floyd Rose licensed trem, and it’s almost like new. With an S-S-H pickup configuration, it’s perfect for all types of playing styles, and I really like the maple on maple neck, which IMO provides the finest combination of sustain and warmth.

I bought this bass guitar first:

Oh, that flying machine in the background is a ‘TriCopter’. As it’s name suggests, it has three motors: two in the front, and one in the rear, with a servo that tilts it left and right. This one can carry a GoPro camera and stabilizing gimbal several kilometers away. I built that one from spare parts I had laying about my shop/studio/mancave. It has a GPS and Telemetry system, as well as a 2 watt video transmitter.

I have GoPro Hero 9 Gimbal and it’s very helpful to record professional video.