New Kits are seen only in SE5 not in GA5

I have two problems.

  1. The kits that were already installed in SE5 are not visible in GA5
  2. If I install a new kit via the download manager, they are only visible in SE5 and not in GA5
  • The only kits visible in GA5 are the ones installed via download manager under the title “Content Groove Agent 5” (I bought Absolute 5)

I’m using a custom location for vstsound files on a different disk
I’ve tried rescan and I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing kits
I’ve tried removing the mediabay database file and rebuilding
The kits are visible and registered in Library Manager - just to SE5 only and not to GA5

I wonder if I should try deleting SE5 ?


You’re not the first person I’ve seen mention this. What version of Cubase are you running? I had a suspicion that the SE content might be licensed under Cubase 12 (which is on the new licensing system) whereas all the Absolute Collection instruments are still under eLicenser, and maybe that’s why the SE kits aren’t showing on regular GA… but I have installed the Cubase 12 versions of Groove Agent SE and its content and the SE versions are indeed showing in my GA 5 full version:

Anyway, I just published a guide on how to install and locate presets for Groove Agent and HALion today, and I’m curious whether it might help you? I haven’t personally seen or been able to reproduce this specific problem, and I’m curious whether these steps will fix it.

It’s a long page, but it boils down to 4 steps:

  • Check Library Manager to ensure the content’s properly registered (it does this each time you run the program)
  • Re-install the SE plugins and content from the most recent version of Cubase or Nuendo you own as listed in the Steinberg Download Assistant (because the newer versions have updated licensing)
  • Re-check Library Manager (to register newly downloaded content)
  • Re-scan for presets in Groove Agent/HALion

Thanks for the reply.
You are quite right in that it turned out it was an issue of activation.
My cubase 12 artist was only in a state of “activation pending”
This is the reason that the Groove Agent SE kits did not show up in my Groove Agent 5 instrument.

When I worked out how to activate Cubase, the SE kits showed up in GA5

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Ah- I just realized in my original comment above I said “activation manager” when I meant “library manager.” So many managers!

I am curious what you did to fix your activation issue, though? Was it just a matter of clicking “Activate” in the Steinberg Activation Manager, or did you have to do anything else?

I had bought an upgrade from Cubase 11 LE to Artist 12

I had to reactivate my Cubase LE license in the MySteinberg account to the new Soft-eLicenser.

This then allowed me to apply the update to 12

After a refresh of the eLicencer Control Centre, all was good

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Good information. Thanks!

Delete & RE Download