New Kontakt Playback Template not showing in the list of templates

I have created a playback template for Kontakt Factory Strings which shows up in the Steinberg Hub when I open Dorico and select Playback Template from the list on the left hand side.
But I cannot find the *.*dorico_pt file on my computer. And the ‘save as template’ option in Dorico 4 does not let me choose the folder and the ‘export template’ command only seems to go as far as selecting a folder but does not give a save option.
I have also created a playback template for Kontakt Factory Library Woodwinds but although it will open a project properly from the Steinberg Hub, when I select Playback Templates under the Play/Playback templates option it does not show up in the list of playback Templates shown there.
I will try now to reboot my computer and see if the list refreshes.
EDIT: Rebooting did not change the situation The WW template does not show in the Play/Playback Template list.
So I would like to know how to create a Dorico_pt file that could be imported into Dorico and therefore shared.

I have just realised that the export template dialogue must have been working on my system at some stage because I have found a *.*dorico_pt file in thhe folder I would have saved a template to.
I cannot remember how I managed to acheive this
Perhaps a clean reinstall of Dorico is called for?

Does anyone know if the the ‘save as project template’ option creates a .dorico_pt file in an accessible location or is it just supposed make a template available internally in Dorico.

I’m afraid you’re a bit mixed up, Julian. If you want to save a playback template, you do it via Play > Playback Template. The option you’ve chosen, File > Save As Project Template, is for saving a project template, i.e. to start a new project with all of your chosen settings (library items, and playback settings) and instrumentation.

I might be even more mixed up than Julian.
Kontakt player is loading and playing but the mixer is acting like it does with Note Performer i.e everything is going through channel one. All the other instrument faders show up but don’t do anything.
I thought this might be because the wrong playback template is still loaded from Note Performer.
I looked in playback templates to change to Kontakt but it is not there. Note Performer is there but not selected; HSSE elements is selected.
I went to preferences/VSTs to add any folder with Kontakt in it. Presumably Dorico is finding it because it loads and works - but no Kontakt playback template.
I also saved endpoint configuration but that didn’t help either.
Any advice gratefully received.
Martin Kennedy

Make sure you’re using the version of Kontakt that supports multiple audio outputs, and that things are set up in Kontakt such that each slot is directed to a different output.

I will try that and come back if need be - thanks
Martin Kennedy