New Lane behavior... Me No Likey.....

Just getting into Cubase 6. Don’t get the new lane behavior. So if i do a looped recording, then want to comp it, every time i use the cut tool it cuts ALL of the lanes? Thus making double the number of sections I have to drag around. If I then want to offline process any of these lanes I have to process double the amount of audio segments? Crazy!! Even if you glue them together again, they still stay as separate audio segments!!! Barking!!

What’s the workaround? I MUCH preferred the system in cubase 5. In cubase 5 you could do the same moving bits around together by selecting the bits you WANTED to cut or move. Just don’t get it!!!

This new system is definitely WRONG. If you can move individual lanes separately why can’t you also cut them? Surely They should only ‘act as one’ when they have been grouped. Steiny really messed up on this one. All they need to do is keep the new system but make the cut tool work like it used to.

If you WANT to cut all the lanes at once, you can do it by cutting the event in the track (at the top of the lanes) rather than the lanes. This cuts all of them. So why change this if it was possible in the first place. All they have done is given us LESS options!!!
:astonished: :cry:

Can you not revert to the old behavior at all?

Then add your voice to the throng here…

Many of us, who DO like the new comping functionality, want an option to have the Select, Mute & Cut tools work the old way.

Not currently…

Not being able to cut individual lanes has ALMOST made cu6 useless to me. MASSIVE mistake Steiny… :laughing:

In C5 when you remove a section from a series of lanes in a given track and then place parts from a leftover section over the original parts they would not overlap.

Does this still happen in C6?

Basically in c6 cuts effect all the lanes, and c6 also put whatever section of lane you click into the ‘foreground’ regardless of what lane it is in - ie. it automatically unmutes a selection if you click it and mutes everything else. Quite frankly it’s more of a hassle than not…