New lanes question...

1st off, I have to say I’m not crazy about the new way Cubase handles recording with lanes. It does have some good points though. Here is my question…

I like to record using lanes, then I like to take my best 2 takes and put them on 2 separate tracks, then pan them hard left and hard right. I used to be able to hold the “CTRL” button while I move the take down to another track, but now I get the little speaker icon instead. So, how do I move the take down to the other track while keeping it from moving left or right (to keep it in time)?

Also, when cutting up the takes into sections in the lanes, how do I just cut my takes separately without cutting them all at once down the lane? If I improvise my guitar solo and record in a loop, I want to be able to comp my solo and cut up my separate takes in each in different areas…

Thanks for any help…


You start draging the event down to a new track and hit ctrl during the drag.

Independent lane cuts: Press 2 to select the object selection tool–> click on lane where you would like to cut–> press Shift+X to cut.


Is this well-known? Or will only the people that read this thread know about it?

The drag THEN click behaviour feels really weird. Hope to get back the old behaviour.

+1 for old behaviour return!

Doesn’t dragging before CTRL defeat the whole purpose - to keep from dragging sideways by mistake, even if only by a small amount?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that :wink:… but in fact it does snap back to the original vertical (or horizontal) position.
As a general rule, with regard to modifier keys, it is only important which keys are being held as the mousebutton is released… this allows to add “copy” rather than “move” (alt), shared copy (shift+alt), and constrain direction (Ctrl/Cmd).

vic_france … thank you again! Perhaps Stone Mountain Associates can hire you as a Forum Guru … good people skills and very smart … I would vote for that!