New Laptop for Nuendo

Hello. My old laptop died completely yesterday and I quickly have to buy new one. I don’t care much else, I just want Nuendo work on it fine. I had before HP Pavilion g6-1021sc with AMD Phenom II N660 3.0Ghz processor, 4 GB Ram and nuendo worked on it really fine. now I can’t decide between two laptops and I would like to ask you for your help. Also, I’m not sure about processors, if they are enough to run nuendo without any problems.

1) Lenovo G50-30

Processor: Intel Pentium N3540 (2,16Ghz)
Cores: 4
Core boost frequency: 2,66Ghz
Cache 2MB

NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M

2) Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD

Processor: Intel Core i3 5005U (2Ghz)
Cores: 2
Cache 3Mb

Intel HD Graphics 5500

The Lenovo IdeaPad 100 with i3 processor is the fastest cpu of them all. But I’m not sure it’s the best computer (build quality etc.)

You can also find i5 (u) processor laptops pretty cheap, where the i5 cpu would be an even better choice than the laptops you have mentioned.

I don’t know what your budget is, but look after a laptop with an i5 5200u, about 6-8GB ram, 500GB or 1TB harddisk, which can be bought pretty cheap for about 440-550 USD. If your budget is less than that, I would check out i3 (u) laptops, with about 6-8GB ram, at least 500GB harddisk, if you plan to makes recordings and have more projects stored on the laptop.

You can get a SSD disk included (usually 128GB), instead of the 500GB-1TB HD’s. Your windows boot time / load time will be fast, but you then won’t have much space for stores samples/projects. You could attach an external bigger disk then, but I’m not sure where you wanna go :slight_smile:

Also check this topic:

Maybe you can find a “cheaper” laptop there of a newer date, that would interest you.

I decided to invest more to this and I ordered Lenovo B70-80 with Intel Core i7 5500U (2,4 - 3 GHz); 8GB RAM; 1TB HDD. Thank you really much for your advice, it helped me a little to get some basic info about minimum requirements for recording.

I have a Lenovo and have used for years. Lenovo laptops are really good, I would also recommend Asus company.

There are a lot of budget laptops available. Best Gaming Laptop under 600 Dollars 2019