New Laptop that will run u-he Diva smoothly (using cubase 5)

Hello all. I’ve decided I need to upgrade my setup as projects with a lot of plugins are becoming sluggish and prone to crashy behaviour when really overloaded with stuff. Additionally, I am planning on puchasing several new plugins including Diva which is very cpu intensive (the demo is very crackly on my current laptop).

Here’s what I currently have been using:

Toshiba Satellite
Pentium R) Dual core CPU T4300 @2.10 Ghz
4 gb ram
32 bit operating system

In conjunction with Cubase 5 and Line 6 toneport KB37 interface

So, I want to run cubase 5 with many many plugins running, Kontakt, NI vsts, things like U-he Diva smoothly on a windows laptop. What do I need? I assume I need more RAM right?

You need 64 bit O/S, more ram and the biggest bad ass laptop you can find :mrgreen:

One of these should work nicely …