New Laptop with Mac osx and no Cubase AI anymore

Hope someone knows the answer to this.I got UR22 some 6 months ago when I had a Windows laptop.I ordered Cubase AI with the code that was a present in the box of the card.It was working perfect, I loved it very much.But I have a new laptop now - Apple and off course a different operating system.I can’t use the program anymore and I can’t downloaded it anymore with my code, it says it has already been used.My question is what to do, it will be really stupid if you can’t restore the download.Everything can happened like if your hdd broke for example is that mean that you lost the program forever, or as in my case a new computer with a new operating system?Is there any solution besides buying it?

You cannot buy a Cubase AI as it is a bundled software that comes with a piece of hardware. I am going to send you a private message with some details on how to resolve this.

I can’t send PM so I am thanking you here!:)You are the best!