New Licencing system worries

I’m a little worried about being forced to use the new licencing system with the release of N12. As I understand it, Steinberg will stop supplying dongles with the introduction of N12. Anyone who has earlier versions will have a dongle with the licence on it, but what happens when/if the dongle fails?

I currently use N11 and N7. After upgrading to N12 I will probably not need to go back to N11 in the general course of events, however I do frequently need to go back to N7 due to a problem introduced in N8 (and onward) that restricts Nuendo’s compatibility with my control surface. So if the dongle fails and I can not get a new one I will no longer be able to access N7. This is a big dis-incentive to update beyond N11 as it will be better for me to stick with N11+N7 rather than to update to N12+N7. Although this does raise the question of how long Steinberg will be prepared to support the Dongle for all pre-N11 software versions.

If Steinberg is willing to keep the dongle available for another 10 years or so, that will be fine for me as I will probably be done by then!

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The threads are long and boring, but SB staff have indicated that the old elc server will continue for a couple years.

Search for Topics tagged steinberg-licensing and sort by number of replies.

English is not my first language, but I’ve been told by native speakers that “a couple of something” does in fact mean “two”. Is that what you’re hinting at, @steve?

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Looking through the posts I can see that only actively supported products will be converted to the new licensing system. However Nuendo-7 is no longer actively supported, but I still need to use it due to a poorly implemented update introduced in N8.

Given that the USB licensing keys are no longer being manufactured, should I be stock-piling them to keep me going after Steinberg pull the plug in a couple of years time?

Or maybe Steinberg could introduce a Preference that would enable me to restrict the number of Inserts available to the original eight that were ‘traditionally’ available up to and including N7. Somehow I don’t think that is going to happen!

Sometimes it means “two”, sometimes a “few”, it’s literally paar