New Licencing System

An easy to answer question. Maybe to simple. I have a licence on my dongle, upgradet to this. Does it now mean it still runs by the dongle, or does it not if it’s activated in the Activation Manager. Thanks!

The info is here: Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

Thanks! Did not quite answer my question but good information.

Cubase 12 itself does not use the Dongle, but there are content sets that do.

I think that if you only install the content included with Cubase 12 the Dongle isn’t necessary, beyond that, most content sets have not been updated to work with the S.A.M.


Thanks! Why on earth did they change the licence if it is not needed in the e-licence control center? No need for Cubase, no need for content beyond other stuff. The reason for my question is if it is still possible to give the dongle to someone else. As it looks it is not possible without sharing login, which I don’t do.
If I want to sell my stuff it is a lot complicater. I do not want to do it yet, but who knows. If I pass away for some reason, I do anything possible to give my stuff to someone before if it is possible. Licences wandering in the nirvana, no, it is enough if I do. I am in an age in which such thoughts come in mind.