New license system

I upgraded from nuendo11 to 12.
But I still need the e-licenser to use halion sonic se and all libraries included in the default nuendo pachage.
Is this right or I installed something wrong.
Thanks for your kind help.

Yep, that is correct. The programs/libraries that still need e-licenser will eventually be updated to the new system, but for now yeah, they have to use the old system.

I installed one license of nuendo12 in two computers (desktop and laptop). I have only vst instruments included with nuendo.
In the desktop I can use halion sonic se without e-lisencer but in the laptop I need e-licenser.

I do not understand why.

Only N12 can run on the new system.
All other applications/VST instruments need an update to be able to work with the new system.
So, until everything is re-coded, all applications but N12, still need the dongle.