New licenser - dual use?

With the web licenser that’s coming along, will it support dual use mode, e.g. laptop/desktop? Or will it only support a single instance at a time, meaning you have to quit one to use the other? I’m wondering because I tend to work on multiple projects simultaneously and am considering just buying a second license on discount so I can use Dorico simultaneously on two computers.

Since we do not know how long will it take for the new licenser to arrive, it might be a good idea to take advantage of the present discount. When the new licenser finally arrives you could resell one of your licenses if you do not need it anymore.

Yeah thanks that’s the point of the post. I’d be fine with getting a second one, but it’s paying for the upgrades that makes me pause. Anyhow many expensive software systems - like the Spitfire libraries and others - support active dual use so would like an (un)official sneak opinion before I buy anything.

But you can sell your license? Didn’t know that.

You can resell your license if it’s on a USB-eLicenser, but of course when the new licensing system arrives, an existing license for a previous version might not be so valuable as it is today. Of course in theory it should be possible for the new licensee to buy an update from that version to the version using the new licensing system, but it’s hard to guarantee that will all work seamlessly at this stage.