New Licensing Model

A big thank you to Steinberg for the new licensing model. At last, for the first time ever, I feel happy about buying a Steinberg product. Dorico Pro 4 may soon be replacing my 25-year “love affair” (note the scare-quotes) with Finale!

One question though: can my three activations include 2 on Windows, and 1 on Mac?


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Yes, there’s no platform-specific limitation in that regard. (crosses fingers because he’s 99.5% sure)

Thanks Dan!

Just to confirm - Dan is right, there are no platform-specific limitations.

Excellent news - thanks Richard. Looks like I might be buying Dorico after all! :slight_smile:

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Pro tip: if you haven’t already, make sure you make the switch the “right” way. Finale is totally different from Dorico. You’ll want to take time to learn the Dorico way, or you’ll be quickly frustrated.

Convert from Finale speaking. You’ll find many others here as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, and use the provided resources for beginners (assuming you’re a beginner!).

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There is a free 30-day demo if you want to try it before you buy it. Definitely go for the Pro demo, since you can then use modifier keys to test the other versions if you are interested.

Welcome, Brian! Good to see you here.

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Thanks Dan - don’t worry, I am well aware that Finale is the “freak” of the music software world - but I go way back. I still have a licensed copy of Prof Leland Smith’s “Score” for MS-DOS, and later, “Encore”, both the original DOS version (which was SO flaky) and the Windows one (marginally better). of which I used before moving to Finale. And to this very day, I still find Finale massively frustrating, despite having scored many shows and other works with it. It gets SO many things wrong first time (collisions between voices/layers being perhaps the worst), that require endless manual adjustments. I don’t mind a BIT of “engraving” to perfect a score, but surely I should not be expected to do it note by note, measure by measure, even when entering a simple “Broadway” style show score.

Have no worries, I will be happy to start from scratch on this one - I still have Finale if I need to work on existing legacy scores.

Thanks Derrek - I tried to get the 3.5 demo version last year, but something went wrong, and I gave up. Besides, at the time, I was not happy with Steinberg’s licensing. The NEW licensing fits VERY nicely with the way I want to work - a main music PC in my studio, but being able to use it also on my new MacBook Pro, with the option for one more installation for “when all else fails” backup.

Seriously, this is the first time since forever that I have actually considered buying Steinberg software. As a professional musical director and composter/arranger, I could never have accepted a hardware dongle for something as critical as music software.