New licensing scheme - Computers per licence?

Will Dorico 4 definitely be licensed using the new system please? Has it been revealed how many computers can be authorized with each licence?

I have Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements (as well as SE) licences and am wondering how many of them I’ll need to upgrade.

  • Dorico will be licensed using the new system.
  • We don’t know when, but given that many heavy hitters from Dorico are leading the effort, it would be reasonable to expect that Dorico is spearheading the effort (being the newest product with the least legacy entanglements that would be likely).
  • I would expect that Dorico will pilot the new system, with the other apps following later
  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come with Dorico 4 by the end of the year
  • We’ve heard that multiple computers can be licensed, don’t know the details. If they follow other examples it would be a “Desktop/Laptop” kind of solution

Thanks for this.

Hopefully Daniel will be able to comment on the number of computers per licence, particularly now that there’s an entitlement to free upgrades to Dorico 4 for new purchases and upgrades (Eligibility - Dorico - Steinberg Forums).

We actually have not made any announcement that the next version of Dorico will definitely use the in-development new license management system. That is our hope, but at this stage we cannot give a specific guarantee. In time, all of Steinberg’s software products will transition to the new license management system, but the timeline will vary for each product line.

We have also not made any formal announcement concerning the number of computers on which a single-user license will be usable. It is certainly our intention to allow a single-user license to be used on two machines, to accommodate use on e.g. a laptop and a desktop machine. We will provide more information about precisely how the new system will work and its capabilities in advance of the first products to be released that will use it.


Are the licenses for VSL located on my usb e-licenser affected by the new licensing system?

No, Axel. Only your dorico license is affected.

You put me in doubt! Dorico installation assigns and removes the dorico 3.5 license on the e-license key?

No, your Dorico 3.5 license is not removed from your USB-eLicenser, but it is marked as “non-upgradeable”, meaning that you have updated it to Dorico 4.

Ok so I still can use it on an old W7 computer that I sometimes used for teach?

Yes, I got past that, but the wording of that message is a little misleading (and disconcerting) from the user perspective. Fortunately the situation will not last long.

Can’t wait to dive into the new version–if only I can get through reading the mssgs here and the support materials in Version History and Scoring Notes.

I cannot imagine what a Herculean effort this is for you, Daniel, not just reading but often responding to all these messages; so I’ll sign off and let you get back to the others.


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Yes, absolutely you can. You just need the USB-eLicenser plugged in to that computer, as you have always done in the past.

Ah, that explains what I saw when licensing v.4. It made me panic for a second, thinking somehow my 3.5 license had become corrupt and would not allow me to continue. Of course I was able to continue, but I wondered what was going on.

Thanks for the explanation.

When I launch Dorico 4, I get the following error message :
Unknown ApplicationAn unknown interapplication communication error occured. In case the problem persists, please close all applications and restart your computer.
I that related to the e-licenser ?
Sans titre

see Unknown interapplication HSSE occurs - #15 by dspreadbury

Sorry, I do not find a solution to this issue in this post.

You need to read the whole thread. As outlined there, the problem will be that some older Steinberg plugin is interfering with the audio engine in Dorico 4 - most likely a EUCON or Groove Agent plugin. You need to locate that and move it aside.

Where can I find these things ?
I had before Dorico 3.5 and Cubase 7

Most likely in %commonprogramfiles%\Steinberg\Shared Components.