New Life for Prologue, Spector & Mystic

Here is a suggestion for a future version of Cubase.

It would be interesting for the Cubase team to redesign a new graphical interface for the Prologue, Spector & Mystic plugins and why not create a VST that would allow to combine the sounds and characteristics of these three synths in a single module, no way here to abandon these three VSTs .

In summary, creating a kind of rack (VST) to mix these synths could offer new sound possibilities and give a second breath of life to them. Some will say that we can already make this kind of rack using three instruments tracks and fiddling to get something interesting, but a VST rack dedicated to this task with the addition of features like a sequencer , flexphrase, ability to attach samples, an integrated chord track, some effects and other facilities could push much further the limits of these three synths.

The three synths already exist, being able to combine them by adding features would be a way to create a new VST without much investment in my opinion. Put them in a rack. The PSM, SPM, MSP Rack. It does not matter the name.

What does the Cubase community think?

An additional suggestion to make this Early Synths Combiner VST even more interesting would be to include the MPE Support.

I think it would be simpler to use a midi track with sends routed to the VSTs, and then you get all the benefits of using midi tracks- inserts, sends…

Hi Steve,

Thank you for reminding me of this. Using a MIDI track with MIDI sends connected to VSTs is in itself already very powerful. The MIDI track offers a lot of processing possibilities; four VSTs of our choice can be handled individually for MIDI and audio while adding the possibility of various combinations of group tracks and effects, etc.

I understand that there is already much to do with this possibility offered by Cubase. However, I do not think this is the most user-friendly way to achieve these VST mergers without counting the number of tracks needed to get there. I think of a tool that can look a little like the Combinator found in Reason. Steinberg has already realized this type of environment, just look at the Groove Agent design with these four Kits possibility in one instance and one track.

I think the thing might be interesting if it were handled differently than through the MIDI sends and I’m sure that would be of interest.

Right on- this is the FR forum after all.

I hope so. Maybe I should have titled the topic as follows: Improved MIDI Sends with a VST Merge Tool or a VST Combiner. :wink:

You can edit your OP to your heart’s content.