New line editor crashes when I try to edit or create new symbols

Hi all, I bought the new update because I reeeeally need the new line editor! And here the problems begin: Every time I try to edit or create a new repeatable symbol, or a line, Dorico crashes to desktop without warning or error. This is repeatable and happens no matter if it’s an already existing project or a new blank page. I’m on Windows 10, and the previous version was working correctly.

Attached there’s the diagnostic report
Dorico (139 KB)

Unfortunately, Rufus, there are no crash dumps in there. Could you please follow the steps in the FAQ thread concerning “Dorico is crashing. What do I do?” Then reproduce the crash again, and do Help > Create Diagnostic Reports again, and that will hopefully have a mini-dump in there.

One thing that might be worth trying as well, Rufus, is to restart your computer, in case the crash is somehow font-related.

Sorry, I missed the registry key passage. I did it again, this should be it (the file was too big to attach directly to this reply)

For anybody following this thread: I’m still looking into this problem, but it’s something to do with one of the defaults that Rufus has saved in his userLibrary.xml file, and Dorico is choking on it for some reason. I’ll provide another update later on.