New link for Pro 3.5 > Pro 5 upgrade?

Hey folks. There was a previous thread covering upgrading from Dorico Pro 3.5 to 5, behold:
[this forum URL]/t/dorico-upgrade-3-5-to-5/864729

@dspreadbury replied with the link, but it’s now stopped working and just drops me on the Products page. Could we have an updated link please? Or a link for 3.5 to 4 so I can then buy the 4 to 5 upgrade?

Welcome to the forum, @shakuhachi. Since we switched over to our new e-commerce provider FastSpring in October, I don’t actually know the best way to provide you with a direct link to the update you need to plonk it directly into your basket, but I will ask my colleagues so that I know in future.

However, it should be easy enough to navigate your way to the right update as follows:

  1. Go to Dorico: Music Notation Software | Steinberg
  2. Click Buy Dorico 5.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, click Buy Dorico Pro 5.
  4. Now click Updates & upgrades for existing users at the top of the pop-up.
  5. Now choose the second option, Update from Dorico Pro 3.5, Dorico Pro 3, Dorico Pro 2, Dorico 1.
  6. Now click Add to Cart on the right-hand side.

A word to the wise: if you can afford to wait a little while to make your purchase, you will be able to pick it up at a discount before the end of the year.

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Perfect thanks!
This will only be of interest to you, but I can tell you why I was confused. From the Dorico page you have menu items New in 5 and Go Pro.
The three items I can Add To Cart at the bottom of Go Pro are Full version, Upgrade from Elements 4/5, and Upgrade from Elements 2/3/3.5, which makes sense because in each case you’re getting Pro when you didn’t have Pro.
The three at the bottom of New in 5 are Update from Pro 4 to Pro 5, UpGRADE from Elements 4/5 to Pro 5 (i.e. the same product as on the Go Pro page) and Update from Elements 4 to Elements 5. That made me think that the update from Pro 3.5 to Pro 5 was no longer available. I actually tried adding the 4>5 update to the cart and looking for a way to edit it to 3.5>5, but obviously that’s a different thing. It feels like the second option on the New in 5 page was supposed to be [Pro 3.5 or earlier > Pro 5], then all three options would involve getting 5 when you didn’t have 5. I may have thought about this too much already XD

To explain the terminology, Steinberg calls a move to a later version of the same edition of a product an update, and a move to a higher edition of the same product (with or without a version change) an upgrade.

So Dorico Pro 3.5 to Dorico Pro 5 is an update, as is Dorico Pro 4 to Dorico Pro 5.

Dorico Elements 3.5 to Dorico Pro 5 is an upgrade, as is Dorico Elements 5 to Dorico Pro 5.