New litany of issues

and botches.
.0 version now. Global Track in Key Editor, not showing Marker. Make changes and futz with Markers, no real reason but I have no clue why it doesn’t work. Ok, nothing works, delete preferences.

Come back, put what was saved as a fresh set of preferences in, all kind of content is Missing now. I didn’t move it. So I’m faced with clicking ignore or remove a dozen times (I don’t actually use any of that/it’s there/why do I have a problem?). Ok, I’ll manually reset all 70 differences from the default (who makes these decisions?). Come back, Global Track still half-assed, now I have no sound.
I delete preferences far, far too frequently, but there are inexplicable SNAFUS all the time with 11.

Not looking for help. Just reporting.


What do you mean by this, please?

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Then I would recommend to remove them by using the Steinberg Library Manager.

Then I didn’t get the point of this report, sorry.