New Lo Fi album to be released

My latest EP “It’s all about VIBE” will be released on 22/09/2021. Will be available on all the streaming platforms and on Youtube as a full mix. You can pre-save it already by using the link bellow. :pushpin:

5 facts about “It’s all about VIBE”:

  1. It was recorded in Italy, mixed & mastered in Romania.

  2. The song “It’s all about VIBE” is one of my first lo fi songs and was recorder 5 months ago.

  3. The album was produced entirely in Cubase. I’ve used Halion, Groove Agent on every track and a lot of stock plugins.

  4. The title “Chop Sticks” was chosen by IG @lofiselections due to the asian vibe of it.

  5. No plants where hurt during creation.

If you wanna listen my other releases:

I really appreciate your feedback and support!

Very chill! Listened to the whole EP. You have found some great sounds. Each one is a mood. Which instruments were recorded live? Definitely like the sax. Thanks for not hurting plants!

Thank you Early21! The live instruments (like sax) are chopped samples and at some of them I even changed the notes using Melodyne. Drums are played with one shots and all the piano & synths on keyboard!