New Lofi Album to release

Hello guys! On 29.06.2021 I will release my new LoFi album. It was mix, mastered and recorded entirely with Cubase!

You would really help me if you pre-save my link and give it a listen and if is not too much, your feedback!

Thank you!

Pre-saved. Look forward to hearing.

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Many thanks!

The album is on! Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer & Tidal. Tomorrow on Spotify & Youtube.

Doesn’t have lyrics but the music speaks. Give it a full listen and you will get the vibe!

Any feedback is appreciated!

Listening right now. This is really cool. Are you a fan of Amon Tobin?

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Many thanks @Early21! I don’t know who Amon Tobi is!

Hello! The song was released!

Any feedback (specially about the mix) is appreciated!