New logical editor does not close with the same CC it opens

I have 2 controllers set with a profile in “Generic Device” (please don’t suggest using the new MIDI thing, I should not be required to use that if I don’t want/need to).
Both have a button set to open and close the Logical Editor for MIDI, but the new editor in Cubase 12 only opens and does not close with the same CC.

Steps to reproduce:
1.- Add a new Generic Device.
2.- Add a button for Command > MIDI > Logical Editor
3.- In Cubase 11, press the button and it works as expected opening and closing the editor.
In Cubase 12, the editor opens but it cannot be closed with the same button.

Thank you.


If you sign a Key Command to this function, does it work the same way as the Genetic Remote?

Same here: Key Commands used for opening logical-editor or project-logical-editor don’t work for closing the window again.


I understand it doesn’t close, if you call the Open Logical Editor command.

The Logical Editor command could even close it. But… In Cubase 12.0.0-12.0.30 you could open even multiple editors side by side. So the command really always opened it and it made sense. The users didn’t find multiple Logical Editors useful and they reported this as a bug. Therefore it had been restricted and only one Logical Editor can be opened at time. But the command remains.

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So it won’t be fixed (make it work as in 11)?
I did notice the new command says “Open”, the old command just said the name of the editor. This is very, very workflow breaking.