New loudness analysis Vs old loudness tab

I am wondering. if Steinberg want to improve our workflow to the wright side.
why this change ? do I need to go back to wavelab 11 ? to do it?
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Please bring back loudness tab or fix this

this feature is now located in the new audio analysis tool window, with many other interesting options.

Thank you for your reply. Can you please check the vedio to get my point . I am comparing between them as editing.

Each time the audio is modified, the analysis has to be triggered. Something that was automatic in the old system. So yes, you are one click away from the old behavior. Maybe I should add an auto start option.

In this I think I need to get used to again with different approaches. I hope steinberg think about it again

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In WaveLab 12.0.20, there will be an “auto-update” option so that each time the audio file is modified, the audio analysis will be rerun automatically. Hence, this will mimic what was done with the WaveLab 11 Loudness view.


Thanks this is fantastic news

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