New M-Audio M-Track Plus & Cubase LE8

I received a M-Audio for Xmas.
It came with Cubase LE8.

I loaded the software, joined Waves, installed Cubase with no issue.
I open Cubase, plug in my M-Audio device .
I can not for the life of me figure out how to get my guitar to record or even come thru my computer speakers. (No monitors attached to M-Audio device-just the PC speakers)
I have an onboard sound card-when I turn on the M-Audio device, it registers in Cubase. In the Control Panel under Sounds, it shows up as M-Track

here is where my problem lies:

VST-what do I assign my speakers as? Mono, stereo?
Which input do I assign? Which output do I assign?
All I want to do is record guitar and then vocals and to hear what I am recording coming from my PC speakers. But I can’t seem to figure out “How” to set the input/output.
I would love to hear my guitar come thru the speakers as I record, but I can’t get this to work.

Help please?

Attached is screen shots:

Going on 5 days trying to use this application-just in case there is someone from Steinberg reading this.

I think it would be very courteous for Steinberg to reply and at least give me some steps to try.
thank you

A few things before I get my New Years party hat on.

Refer to this link for general information on how to get going…

Specific to your setup:
You will need to pick the ASIO driver that came with your m-audio interface in the VST audio connection section.

You need to set the m-audio inputs and outputs (called busses) in the VST connections section (see the separate tabs for inputs and outputs).

You will not be able to use the m-audio for recording and the speakers connected to your PC for playback/monitoring. You need to connect a set of speakers to the m-audio outputs. Use the PC speakers (temporarily) for this purpose. If you can’t do that then connect a set of earphones to the front of the m-audio to monitor/hear things.

Hopefully the information in the link and the little information I provided will get you going for day one 2016 use.

Now… it’s party time. :wink: Good luck


Regards :sunglasses: