New M2 Macbook Pro dropping out of record

I have a new Mac Pro and am using Nuendo with Dante virtual soundcard. With trials of various buffer sizes up to and including 512, attempting to record 32 tracks, Nuendo will consistantly drop out of record with an error message after about 6 to 12 minutes. I have used this same config on older Macs with no problems. Any ideas on what the problem may be? ->Carlos

The Mac I’m using is a M2 with a 1T internal drive and I’m running Nuendo Apple Silicon enabled mode.

Are you recording to a separate drive from your OS?

You also might try changing your audio type to WAV64 which allows you to record bigger files.

Thanks for your reply but I

Thank you for your reply. I am quite aware of wav 64, but that is not the problem. I’m pretty sure at this point it is an internal drive problem. Recording to an external SSD drive is not a problem at al,l. it is the internal drive that is the problem.

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Can you be more specific about the mac configuration? Because there is no Mac Pro available with Apple Silicon afaik. There are Mac Mini Pro’s and Mac Studios though, which are you referring to?

As per the system needs for pretty much ANY DAW:

You have to use a dedicated, separate drive for the audio projects, and never the operating system drive. Glad you found that out, but the hard way :wink:

The computer I’m using is a 3 month old Macbook Pro. Sorry, I left out it was a Macbook laptop as opposed to a desktop Mac Pro which is what I run as well.

I don’t agree. I run a 4 room recording studio and while all of our dedicated suites use systems with external drives and also connect to a large 80T NAS server, the laptops we use for remote work typically run with internal SSD 1T storage with absolutely no issues. BTW, we have four other older Macbooks that do not dropout with 32 tracks recording, just this new one.

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Well, it’s in the manual. But you do you.

I hope you get the issue resolved.

I agree. Especially with Mac OS drives now being NVMe SSD running on PCie you’re barely tickling those drives. To put it in perspective, a 2019 Intel macbook pro’s internal drive has 2700MB/s of read and write speeds. That is 2 full streams of uncompressed 16 bit RGB UHD video or over 14000 mono audio channels at 32 bit 48kHz. So the internal OS drive is not the problem these days. As a matter of fact, your external SSD is running much slower than that. There might be something else holding up your PCIe lanes. Maybe wifi, virus scan, bluetooth, external monitor, constant file swapping due to low RAM? I have the opposite problem. Recording to external SSD (800MB/s write) drops from time to time. Not the internal.