New Mac Book Pro 17 and Crashes

I have had a Mac Book Pro 17 since the last part of Nov. and have been attempting to get Cubase 6 to run consistently with out freezing the system for about a month now but the problem persists. I have previously posted and have (and will again) have a phone session but I am curious as to whether anyone else has had or heard of similar situations.


More info needed. OS & Cubase version (64 / 32 bits) audio hardware, RAM, when does it crash, which type of tracks etc etc.

Luck, Arjan

This particular post is a more general thing. I have posted two times before with specific information and have spoken on the phone with a tech person. The problem still persists in a very frustrating way. What I am wondering is if this is some unique situation or if there are a lot of problems in general with the combination of Mac Book Pros (that run Lion, have 4 gigs of memory etc.) and Cubase 6. I appreciate that specifics are key in any diagnosis; however, my question is more or less a ‘grasping at straws sort of thing’ where someone else’s experience might give me some ideas about what to ask the tech person the next time we talk. In general: brand new Mac Book Pro+Cubase 6.05=crash system when I quit Cubase. I have tried such things as clearing preferences and upgrading all drivers–no luck. Bad DVD data on installation disk? Who knows. Some thing up with an old dongle? Again, I am not able to figure it out.

Thanks, Nathan

Aloha N,

If you are running ‘vanilla’ … that is:

1-Cubase 6 (with the VST Collection only ).

2-Mac OS 10.7.2 (Lion) using the built-in audio hardware for
input and output. (MIDI I/O you did not say in this thread)

3-You have no ‘3rd party’ stuff attached (hardware or software)
(dongle excluded).

4-You have tried re-installing Cubase 6.
(also consider re-installing Lion)

5-Check to see if your Ram is still properly ‘seated’.
Sometimes the modules can ‘wiggle loose’
especially on a laptop.

And you are still getting crashes…

At this point I would think about having the motherboard
on the 'puter checked.

Sometimes Apple ships a bad one.
I has happened to me more than once.

Good Luck and
Sending much Aloha


I have reinstalled Cubase 6 and reinstalled the Lion OS. The ‘re-seating’ of memory and checking the main processor are the sort problems that I was wondering if others had experienced. I will see if the memory check is can be done by the user and see what the guys at the Mac store say about checking the processor. There were some crashes involving Google Earth that I assumed were caused by conflicts brought over by the ‘migration’ before I reloaded OS Lion.

Dana N. Vinson