New Mac Glitch


Been experiencing a new kind of glitch -

at it’s worst it can result in the mouse freezing for a few seconds, the performance meter going red and a piercing hi pitched sound emitted from the speaker.

It’s weird that it’s a new thing… happening for the last few weeks. activity monitor shows nothing.

I’ve not changed anything… any ideas? The only thing it could be is that I’m running my projects at 48Khz now… instead of 44.1 KHz and exporting to 48Khz when writing for media. The hi-pitched glitch sound is a little similar to the sound when moving between samplerates.

It’s intermittent and doesn’t seem to be based on project size. Could it be the trashcan mac overheating? It’s getting hotter moving in to summer, and my studio can get hot.


Is this with the new version? 8.5.20?

No not to do with the new update.

I noticed after I posted this it happened outside of cubase this afternoon so I think it’s something else.

My console is flooded with this message:
16/06/2016 18:09:24.784 Cubase 8.5[847]: assertion failed: 15F34: libxpc.dylib + 22551 [54D1328E-054E-3DAA-89E2-375722F9D18F]: 0x13

Anyone able to translate that? Is that supposed to be there?

I’ve had this problem too. It’s probably a Motu issue, and nothing to do with Cubase. This began happening after I updated to Yosemite.

yeah - it is a motu issue.

It doesn’t happen if I turn the 828x unit off. I’ve emailed MOTU support and they’ve got back to me. We’ll see if I can get anyway where.

Ok - oddly. I don’t seem to be getting the problem if I load Reaper first before loading Cubase…?