New Mac Mini m2 Pro track count?

Anyone try this new Mac and have some results to report including any issues?

there are a bunch of reviews on youtube of these new machines. apparently the performance vary even from which storage size you pick, so do your research if fast storage etc is important. Overall I understand it is quite an impressive computer - especially if you pick from medium specs and up.

how many Cubase specific reviews there are I am not sure

I’m planning to order one in a few days…

I’ve got an M1 (not the macnbine I’m replacing), and its a sweet little machine, but I can’t give much info on cubase performance as I don’t really push it that hard… I’ve never had any performance issues.

The storage speed glennloopez refers to appears to be a significant issue on the M2:

Internally both the M1 and M2 have 2 “drive bays” (no they’re not really but just go with the analogy). On the M1 the 256Gb model had 2x128Gb “drives” merged to make up the storage (it looks like 1x256Gb drive to the user), while on the M2 it has 1x256Gb “drive”.

While it sounds like this doesn’t really matter (or that the M2 might be better), the problem is in the connection to the drives. Suppose that each drive can transfer 10Gb per second. On the M1 it could load 10Gb from EACH drive. It balances the storage so a file is shared across both drives, so can load !0Gb/s from each, giving a combined speed of 20Gb.

On the M2 there’s only one “drive” so you effectively get half the speed.

This only applies to the 256GB model which uses a single 256Gb chip. The “fix” is to spend the extra on the 512Gb version (or higher) which has 2x256Gb chips.

Obviously 512Gb is better anyway, but its £200 more, and you can by 2Tb of very fast external SSD for that money, so I might otherwise be tempted to by the 256, but it does look like the 512 is worth the extra spend.


Any updates on this? I’m thinking about buying a Mac Mini M2 Pro to replace my Macbook Pro M2. Chips are identical. The main reason is the extra ports (4 TB ports and 2 USB A on the Mac Mini vs 3 USB-C on the MBP) which would make easier to connect all peripherals, controllers, interface, etc. I have two 1Tb high-speed SSD drives, so storage should not be a problem. Is there any reason I should not get the Mac Mini? Anyone can speak about performance on Cubase 12?

As said above go 512Gb hdd or more.
you should pair it with C13 and run it in Apple Silicon mode
tracks count and plugins is near unlimited in these machines, meaning they are so damn powerful that you can throw anything and everything at them