New Mac or PC notebook

I own Cubase LE and use it on a PC notebook. I want to buy Cubase 6. Should I buy a 15" MacBook Pro or a similarly priced PC (ASUS) notebook?

I have heard Cubase generally runs better PCs (with less issues) than on Macs. The new MBPs are so new I wonder if issues with Cubase 6 will arise. Something tells me PC is a safer bet.

What do you think?

I’m also considering this. In general, I’m told that you’ll generally have loads fewer problems with Macs for anything Music Tech-ish. Personally I prefer PC’s but obviously they date quickly and tend to have issues.

Mac Pros-

  • Later, if you decide you’re serious, you can add Logic no problem
  • Macs can be programmed to dual-boot, I think.
  • Less running issues

Mac Cons

  • There’s no viruses for them atm, but as they become more widepread (as they are doing) it’s almost inevitable that there will be, and seeing as there’s no Anti-Virus, it’ll hit hard
  • Mac shortcuts etc take time to learn
  • Much more expensive

(There, I left it nice and balanced!)

At the end of the day it’s a question of budget mainly, I’d say.

Oh, and if anyone wants to contradict anything I’ve said, feel free- I’m not pretending to be an oracle.


Can’t speak for anyone but myself. Bought a Mac and never going back. Period. Unless they go out of business.

Had enough of pc bs. I am running parallels so what software i can’t get for mac, i run on the windows (XP) side. A few issues trying to learn mac but …

When I boot, it boots quick. Very, very rarely do I EVER have to re-boot. When you shut down, it shuts down in a minute.

Every platform is going to have some issues. I am all mac from now on, just because they work!

Doing what you want, when you want, without “fixes” and constant updates … priceless.

PC’rs can slam all they want. I was windows for 20 years but no more.

BTW - have a 13" MBPro and battery time is hours and hours (probably about 5 or 6 hours of hard work). Some weekends when I am out of town, I will never even pull out the charger. Light use of course.

Thanks fianoman. I am curious to try a Mac.