new Mac Pro 7,1

Anyone have a new mac pro coming? Interested to know about your experiences.

Personally, am spec’ing up something like: 16 core, 96GB, 4TB, Vega II 32GB; am doing double duties with both audio and film production.

Planning on an iMac Pro maybe. But im not married to a now seemingly small 27" 5K display…Now that 43" 4K monitors are at reasonable prices.

Very curious how your pro system performs!

The rig your spec’ing out is $12,899.00 US, before taxes.

Welcome to Apple in 2020.

We Will be ordering a first batch for video as soon as the rack version is available to order.
Catalina is likely to be a stumble block for a while.

I have a new Mac Pro 7,1 - 16 core with 384GB aftermarket ram. I did one test in Nuendo 10. Set the buffer size to 32, using Focusrite Dante PCIER card. Recorded 128 tracks at 48KHz, then did a 128 track overdub. Finally played back those 256 tracks. CPU and disk stayed below 25% at all times. Did the exact same sequence at 96KHz at 50% CPU usage. I’m happy so far. It is almost completely silent so no problem having it at my mix position.

Catalina is interesting. Theres not only some issues with software and Catalina ( ZERO 32bit support ) but also in newer hardware with the T2 chip and audio stuttering.

I was testing Catalina for mobile and desktop development and while I do like it, I can’t use it on half my machines. For now at least. The biggest thing is building “universal platform” apps, in Swift of course.

And as much as the Mac Pro can cost you, $54K, you can spend more on a Dell.

Thanks for this, good to know. Curious, why so much Ram? And, which GPU? In my experience, Nuendo/Cubase is not so good with some of the higher end GPUs. While audio producers generally don’t care about that (DAWs need very little), one the other hand, NLEs do require this & I’m also using DaVinci Resolve Studio; thinking of the 32GB Vega II.

Otherwise: let’s not let the thread get into a ‘price rave’ or Win vs. OSX thing, eh? For my part will continue to use both platforms & a Dell as per the sig.

AUD $18,676 with Applecare+. About the same for a similarly equipped Dell, more for a HP Z (though both those companies do offer professional, onsite services for aprox. the same cost as Apple care, and can be extended beyond the three years). Otherwise, the most ridiculous scenario for Apple’s so-called ‘Pros’ is in the case of problems, perhaps having to lug the thing back to one of those awful Apple stores where all the morons look, speak and smile the same …

The cost of the build and design spec is reasonable in my view (tho’ the socket lifespan will be limited), but the ‘pro support’, they have not thought that through, or don’t care. Maybe it won’t break, my 10 year old MP5,1 has been bullet proof, and so has the Dell for that matter.

It’s probably too much ram, but I wanted max memory bandwidth and that meant 12 dimms. I also run a fair number of orchestral instruments in VEPro and it’s nice to not worry about running out. GPU is a Radeon VII, with the stock 580X still installed but idle. The Radeon VII is driving 3 4K monitors. It’s basically silent except if you drive it hard. Gives you most of the performance of a Vega II for $500 instead of $2400.

The Mac Pro has 12 memory channels? I thought it was six.

If it’s six channels you’ll likely saturate them with one DIMM/channel, not two. I get the other reasons for wanting it though…

It is 6 memory channels, but you get a small perf boost by going to 12 identical DIMMs. Some details here:

Well that’s news to me. It’s odd to me.

I’d love to see a comparison on an actual Mac Pro on various configuration results.