New Mac Pro, Cubase 6.5.5 and Mountain Lion

So the new Mac Pro (the trash bin :smiley: ) is coming later this year. It´s probably shipping with OS X Mavericks, so it´s a bit confusing what will work on it and what not.

So would this setup be possible:

The new Mac Pro + Mountain Lion + Cubase 6.5.5

What´s the status by the way on 6.5.5 ? Wasn´t it supposed to be released already weeks ago?

Aloha K,

The new Mac beast puts me in mind of one of Dr Who’s Daleks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Since the keynote I have been reading a number of blogs
and listening to many podcasts about this
and the general talk is the Mac Pro may have to ship
with ML 10.8 because 10.9 (Mavericks)
may not be ready for prime time.

Have to wait and see on that.

However if that is truly the case, it will be good news for C6.xx
Mountain Lion users.

That being said keep in mind that while more and faster power/connectivity
is a nice step forward and welcomed, (hardware)

like Lion and M. Lion:


I do not see any advantages to Mac DAW users over the current
and the previous operating systems (10.7 or 10.8)

At least nothing Apple was willing to share with us at this time.


Well I certainly hope that the new Mac Pro will ship with Mountain Lion, ´cause I don´t want to install C7 until the performance is as good or better than in 6.5.4 or 6.5.5. And C7 won´t probably work on Mavericks anyways immediately, would have to wait at least couple of months or more, before we get an official update for it.

In perfect world Steinberg would already release the 6.5.5 and the new Mac Pro would ship latest in September with Mountain Lion on it. That would make me very very happy!

As you may know, Apple’s Mac OS X 10.9 has just been released. Currently we are testing all Steinberg products for OS X 10.9 compatibility. The testing is still going on, so we cannot provide you with the final results.

However, what is known so far is that all Steinberg software products (except for Cubase LE / AI / Elements 7.0.6) are affected by an issue with the CoreAudio2ASIO component when using audio hardware in class-compliant mode which may lead to dangerous digital noise. Some Steinberg hardware products need to be updated as well to ensure full compatibility with the new OS X version. We therefore recommend you not to upgrade to OS X 10.9 yet.*

We are already working on updates for affected products in order to make them available as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date. Please continue to visit for news and updates.

*In case you are using Cubase 7 and want to update to OS X 10.9 anyway, please make sure to deactivate the “Display have separate Spaces” option in the Mission Control Preferences.