New Mac Pro

hi…has anyone already tested Cubase/Nuendo with the newest late 2013 Mac Pro (any configuration) ?

or maybe Steinberg had the chance to do some “official” testing on it?

it’s a hefty investment that i’m contemplating, but before placing an order i wanted to make sure that everything works fine on them.

all the best!

…no one?

I’m considering a Mac Pro as well. Greg Ondo that works for Steinberg doing trainings is a fan but not much direct detail. I was thinking base model with 6 cores, 32GB ram. I’m trying to figure out how to configure hard drives. Often best to separate applications from samples and files. I’m working off a 3 year old quad core MacBook and running out of headroom (clicking, breaks and slow response times etc). I’ve thought about trying to increase efficiency with my laptop first. Possibly separate a thunderbolt hard drive and splitting files and samples from applications. I’ll need a second drive either way. Any thoughts. Hows you computer knowledge?

What are you using now?

I thought about aPC but like the idea of keep all my computers in sync.