New MacBook disabled Steinberg USB Driver after install

I installed the latest Steinberg USB Driver but even though is shows up in Applications (labeled as a ‘control panel’), it’s not on the list of installed software drivers, (which is why my MOX8 won’t show up as a midi keyboard.)

Under System Info/Software I found it listed as ‘Disabled’ because “No user consent.” I uninstalled/reinstalled numerous times, and even scrolling through the ‘consent’ list to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but still see the “No user consent.” I even found where to give myself permission to read/write the driver but still nothing.

Apples’ help chat was totally useless. Their stock answer to everything is to shut down, close the lid for 30 seconds, then start up. “If it’s not an Apple product/software, then it’s not Apples’ problem.” Yeah, thanks for nothing, Apple.

Steinberg HARDWARE does not work on the new M1 for the moment

Okay, I should have asked here days ago. It would have saved me a whole lot of grief. Apple’s help line was useless.

Funny how Roland’s A-49 keyboard driver works just fine.

Yeah, like @anon68974185 says, drivers aren’t ready yet. Here are some useful things.

And a comment from the man in the know

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With enough persistence I did come up with a workaround for my MOX8. In my box of gadgets I had a midi interface for older keyboards without USB. So I ran a midi cable from the MOX8 to the USB interface and got it to work. I just had to go to Utility and change Midi in/out setting from USB to Midi. So now I can use my MOX8 with Garage Band.
So even though the MacBook has no problem handling a generic midi signal from the interface box, it can’t deal with midi over USB unless it has the right driver. Weird.