New Macbook. Help me re-activate my license?

I purchased a new macbook and imported the entirety of my old hard drive via time machine.

Cubase AI 4 won’t work. When I launch the program I’m told my “fingerprint” is no longer valid.

The Steinberg website tells me I need a New Soft E-License number and my activation code. When I plug in the e-license number that comes up in my License Control Center and the activation code that Steinberg sent me many months ago upon first install, I get an error message. I’ve tried uninstalling the License Control Center and installing the newer Elicenser but that doesn’t help either.

I appreciate Steinberg’s desire to circumvent pirating, but this whole registration thing is a mess.

Would anyone kindly help me out? Thanks :wink:

It appears what I need is a new E-license number…but how do I go about getting that?

Everytime I launch the e-licenser, it asks me if I want to repair my license. When I click yes, the process is abandoned 3/4 of the way through.


please contact our support department so resolve this issue. Please send the Soft eLicenser number also, so we can set a so called “repair permission” for your eLicenser Control Center. The support contact details can be found here