New MacBook install/transfer

I have Cubase Pro and the dongle and have just bought a new MacBook Pro (works fine on my old MacBook). I chose not to migrate as there was a lot of crap on the old MBP that I didn’t want to move over.

I’ve installed the e-licenser control software, and Cubase. When I look at the eLicenser Control it shows the dongle, shows Cubase Pro 10 under licenses, yet when I try run Cubase I get the error “No valid licences found. The program will quit now.” There’s also a button which says Start License Activation, but, if I click that it asks me to activate, but I already have activated, obviously, so cannot get any further.

Anyone help? I feel like I’m missing a step but not sure what it is.


Hi and welcome,

Make sure the very latest eLCC version is installed. Is Cubase allowed to control eLCC application in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy, as described here, please?

Select System Preferences… from the Apple menu.
Open the Security & Privacy panel.
Select the Privacy tab.
Select Automation in the list of options on the left as shown on the screenshot below.
The Steinberg program that needs to access should now be listed on the right.
Check beneath your Steinberg program’s entry.
If further Steinberg programs are listed, you might want to give them access to, too.
Next time you start your Steinberg program, it will launch as usual.