New MacBook Pro

Cubase Gurus – I’m back again for help. (Thanks to all of your for your time and assistance…)

I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro to take the bar exam in July. I thought it might be useful to have Cubase 6 on it as well. When I installed it, however, it gave me no option regarding whether I could install 64 or 32 bit. It was, it turned out, the 32 bit version. The MacBook is an ‘off the shelf-standard’ box. I’m more familiar with PC’s.

Is the 32 bit/64 bit problem to do with my memory like on PC’s?

I’m not actually so bothered with using 32 bit on this machine BUT I would like to transfer my projects from the MacBook to my 64 bit (and another wrinkle) PC. The idea is to do scratch tracks, arranging, demo’ing, etc. on the go with the Mac and do my final recordings, mixing and processing on the PC.

What problems should I anticipate?

Not a mac person, but have seen on the forums:

Cubase on a mac does not install a separate executable for 32 and 64 bit.

Rather, the program must be told to start in a particular version.

Don’t know how, as I do not own a mac.

Technically speaking, you can run a 64 bit OS with any amount of memory. Not a wise idea, but nonetheless…

Should have no problems switching back and forth between 32 and 64 bit. Just watch your memory usage.
If you go above about 2GB of usage (for a project) in the 64 bit version, it’s going to be slow to use on the 32 bit version.

Aloha G,

And congrats on the new ax.

1-Find the Cubase app in your Applications folder.
2-Select the app. (single click or drag)
3-Hold down: Command + i. ( a ‘get info’ dialog box opens)
4-Tick the lil checkbox near the middle for either 32 or 64 bit.
5-Close the ‘get info box’, start Cubase and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.



Yes, of course, there is RAM limit on Mac too. So, you can use just 3GB RAM in the 32-bit Cubase on Mac, same, as on Windows.

You can switch 32/64-bit mode, the way as Curteye wrote.

There is VST Bridge for the 32-bit only plug-ins, which run on 64-bit Cubase. And, new information, there is J-Bridge for Mac too (around one week old information).