New MacBook Pros/no optical drive/how to install Cubase?

Aloha again Steiny guys,
perhaps this post should be placed in the ‘Computer / Studio Hardware & Setup’ forum

Since there is no on-line download for Cubase 6, do I now
have to get an external optical drive (DVD/CD) just to install the programme?

Or will Steinberg offer Cubase on an SDXC card or thumb drive?


Copy the DVD to a thump drive yourself while you still have an optical drive…!?

Thanks t, Good advice.
But is that legal? And what about C7/8/9 etc?


I don´t´t know, but I didn´t even know they are released already…

Where do i get cubase 9 need it i am only a amateur but i need professional gear best yesterday.


Sorry guys. Ma bad.

I should have posted:

Because I plan on keeping a new 'puter around for a couple of years,
what about future versions of Cubase?

But I guess only Steiny can really answer this.

Good one t, I just made a copy.

‘Honest officer, I don’t know how that got there’!
{’-’} :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

Officer to a diver “alcohol drugs medicaments?” driver no thank you sir i don’t want to buy anything.

And to the topic for laptops without a cdrom and extrenal usbcdrom is always fine.
I had to buy one because my pclaptops cdroms was crap got it exchange 2 time during warrenty and afterthis i bought an external sony cdrom and all is fine now



Bassbase is right. You can get the Macbook Pro superdrive for example.
But the ones from LG are also ok.

If you still own a Mac that has a superdrive,
connect it to the same WiFi and activate
DVD Sharing in the Sharing Menu of the System Preferences
on both Macs.

Now you should be able to install the Disc via WiFi on the new mbp.

Best regards.

I doubt there’s anything ‘illegal’ about copying the CUbase installation disc. After all Steinberg have their own, robust license protection system and it doesn’t depend on having the original DVD to hand.

I expect C7 will be a download, won’t it? Not before time…

I too have a MBP incoming, no optical drive isn’t that big of an issue as already stated if you get an external drive (a good idea to have on hand anyways), and I’m sure Steinberg will have an update for Mountain Lion compatibility out in the near future, but my big question is will that update be updated for the Retina display?

I primarily use Cubase on my windows 7 desktop, the retina MBP was going to be for my photography stuff, but it should be more than powerful enough to use Cubase on the go if needed. it’ll be a shame if its all blurry and looks like crap with the interface being low res.

Ah ok. I also only use Cubase because of its beautiful look.
That’d be a shame! :unamused:

I guess blurry almost unreadable text is cool with you then… good for you.

And that youcannot ever make an HDD- or RAM-Upgrade is
cool with you? I wouldn’t like that changing a logic board
because of a defect memory-part is the only way to repair it
if somethings wrong there…

I gotta say I’m not a fan of the new series.
It doesn’t even have a fw-port anymore…
And if there’d be a problem with displaying native apps
the right way… I don’t see any advantage anymore.

But I guess you won’t need a special version of every app
for the retina display.

omg is this possible, i ll try it out soon, your a life saver if this works. Off topic- im so pissed about apple, bought the new mpb and cant get lion in there in whatever methods i used. Absolute bastards. Gladly i still have my 2010 machine to work with for some time

If its your only computer, you buy an external DVD drive. $30. With another Mac, you just enable Remote Drive…how I installed the latest Office the other day on my wife’s MB Air. Or, with your Win7 box, the easiest way is to copy the disc to a thumb drive. There’s nothing illegal…your license is your USB dongle. I can give every studio in town a copy of Cubase…they just can’t run it unless they have a license. I can bring mine so I don’t have to use their ProTools! :wink:

When I installed 4.5 on my Win7 box, I downloaded the full installer…because if memory serves, the 4.0 on the disc wouldn’t install. So, when the need arises, the post the whole installer.

As to future versions…I don’t know if they’ll just start posting the whole download…or make it available in the App Store…no idea…but, who cares? Even if they continue to deliver on DVD…if you’re buying computers without optical drives, you will run into this with every software package of any size. If its your only Mac…I’d advise picking up a $30 DVD drive. How do you play a movie on your new Mac? Much more mainstream use of a laptop than making music. The answer is in why they’re moving this direction. It’s all about leasing software and cloud based computing.


DVD Sharing is possible.

But you have two more options:

  • Creating an image of the CD with the disk utility,
    copying it to an USB stick.

  • Download the media kit from MySteinberg.

Best regards.

Aloha guys,

I apologize for starting this entire thread because after
going to the MySteinberg site and looking up ‘Minimal System
Requirements’ for Cubase Six, I saw that a DVD ROM drive is
listed as a requirement.

Guess inside or outside a 'puter does not matter.
The drive is listed as a requirement for installing Cubase version six.

And a big Mahalo to ‘No1DaBeats’ for the tip.


Whenever my company gets new software or sound libraries, we always burn images of the install CD’s or DVD’s and store them on a server attached 3 TB drive. We use “Toast” to make the image, but you can also use Disk Utility or other methods. Once we have the images stored, we use the Finder built-in “DiskImageMounter” (contextual menu item when you click on an image or DMG) to mount them and install from them. (BTW if you are using Windows I recommend “PowerISO” but there are others of course). The speed increase over installing from physical media is enormous (and you can mount dozens of disk images in one go). There is a “Play” library (I think it’s the Pianos) that comes on 32 DVD’s! So far I have not filled the drive, and it includes my entire company’s accumulated software purchases, not just my own. It is my belief that copyright law allows you to make a backup copy for your own personal use, but I’m not sure. In any case, “legal” or not, I am going to protect my assets!

The first time you do this will of course take as much time as if you installed from the media. But after that, each time you need to reinstall will be many times faster, plus you have future-proofed yourself against the loss or damage of the media, etc (providing you have backups of course!).

I also highly recommend that you get an external USB DVD burner, as others have recommended here. That way you can watch and rip movies, and prepare media to give out as reels, etc. There is a Samsung on Amazon for $25.00.

BTW, my experience with “DVD Sharing” has not been good. I have had installers fail in the middle because of communication problems. YMMV.