New MacBookPro - Cubase 6?

Hi, I just bit the bullet and purchased a MacBookPro. The new version w/ Sandy Bridge Intel chip and Thunderbolt data I/O. I want to run Cubase 6 on it. My only reservation is the 5400RPM drive. But I could replace that with SSD now or down the road. For now will the 5400RPM drive bottleneck the otherwise stellar components, or am I good to go with this laptop? Thanks! I think I would be running around 24-30 audio tracks, that’s all, and be recording only one at a time. Otherwise I’ll be doing MIDI.

I have same setup so don’t worry to get good performance by apple macbook pros. You will have problem-less configuration. It’s Steinberg’s problem if cubase 6 has issues with new 2011 macbook pros and they have to update it. I use to work with 20-30 channels full with fx and instruments. It’s working well. Ps: I haven’t tested cubase 6 with extremly big project on macbook pro for example rock bands, pop songs etc. I produce techno with 20-30 channels.

Thx for reassurance. Still a bit concerned about the 5400RPM drive causing a bottleneck. If I understand what you’re saying, it’s use a Firewire (or much better when available - a Thunderbolt) drive for data. The program can run on the internal drive while the audio data can be accessed from the faster external drive via FW or Thunderbolt. Is this correct? Anyone? Thanks!


i would recommend you a 7200 HD.
Seagate offers one that has an 8GB SSD combined with a conventional HD.
It’s not expensive and works fine here for me.


Is that an external drive? I’m going over to the website now. Thanks! Can’t wait for the Thunderbolt drives to appear.

I just bought an i7 2.0 Ghz 2011 macbook pro 15"

Curious too to understand how it works or if i must pass to apple native solution for mix my traxs on my new mbp!

My other issue is going to be setting up and manipulating windows on the 13.1" screen. I cut a template and pasted it on my 23" HP Monitor, then reduced the Cubase window to fit. It’s small but you can definitely fit the essential stuff in there. The key is going to be calling up and dismissing windows on top like the mixer, markers, media bay, synth interfaces, etc. Forget laying things out side to side like on a big monitor. By the time they refresh the iMacs and I get a 27" it’ll seem like an endless palette. I’m looking forward to the restriction of the 13.1". I’m gonna make it happen.

Anyone has tried heavy cubase 6 sessions with one of those new macbook pros ?

I would be very interested to hear if they are as powerfull and stable as they look like ?


Thunderbolt is an interface which upgraded from mini displayport. You can use thunderbolt with monitor+harddrive+soundcard at the same time because it has up to 10-13 gigabyte per/sec bandwith. Problem is, there is no such a hub or cable adaptor out on markets yet. But it will be available in couple of months I hope.

You can use old minidisplay adaptors with your thunderbolt port so pratically is a minidisplay port. U can connect big led tv screens FULL HD monitor to use as en external monitor. Im using macbook pro 2011 2.0ghz core i7 with my old minidisplay port to dvi cable to connected with 27 inch FULLHD monitor. Which gives you a huge display and up to 2560 x 1600 widescreen resolution if your monitor supports the resolution.

Do not upgrade your HDD or RAM via apple store. You can buy better disks like PAULITO said SSD+HYBRID disks. Which is %10-30 slower than standart SDDs. But at the same time %200-300 faster than standart 5400RPM disk. As I know there is only SEAGATE Momentus XT uses hybrid disks. But it has some problems and still not stable. It does not affect your job if you are using your macbook pro only at studio or home. But it couses freeze (like blue-screen on windows) while using at gigs as under high vibration.

Macbook pro 2011 15.4 inch is powerful laptop solution to use as desktop replacement. It’s portable too. I had 17inch macbook pro but it was heavy, big and hard to carry. Try to buy 15.4 inch 2011 macbook pro with anti glare screen. It’s give you 1650x1080 resolution instead of 1440x. That means you can even use your macbook pro without external monitor as it has pretty high resolution itself. With combining macosx spaces or workspaces in cubase.

PS: Do not order anything via apple store coz their warehouse is in china and it take up to 20 days delivery time which is pretty bad for producers. Time is important…


Yes, the 15.4 looks nice, but I love the portability of my 13.1". I mean really Cubase needs a football field-sized screen anyway so what’s a couple of inches. I’ve reduced all my Cubase projects on my desktop to match the 13.1" size and it’s not un-doable. Just gotta work the windows in and out. And it will fit in a plane seat, even a puddle jumper. That’s important to me. Otherwise it’s limited and may as well go for an iMac. But iMac got no Thunderbolt or Sandy Bridge just yet.

the 13.1" version doesn t have a quad core processor compared to the 15inch version which makes a pretty huge difference — sorry if I m wrong !!!

5400 is ok if your not using any of those big sample instruments.for example those east west goliaths and others, then youll need to have 8g ram and 7200 rpm drive minimum.I my self is passing this version, cause i got mid 2010 mbp and thunderpolt isnt quite usable, jet! but best luck!its a good investment!

Hello, I want to make that set up aswell — could you tell us how you plugged all needed with those very few ports ?

1- do you use a usb splitter ? if yes, is there any problem with the syncrosoft key plugged in it ?
2- are u using an external hard disk ?
3- is it possible to use the card SDXC to have cubase sessions in it ?

thanx in advance