new machine after 4 years, what/how to install

Hi Guys,

After 4 years sterling service my trusty old machine is now being retired, I’ve bought the bits to make an OC’d 4.6 ghz hex i7 3939 /32 gig ram/SSD machine.

so question de jour; how and what do I need to install?

I’m asking this because, I’ve gone from Cubase 4 to 7 on this machine, I have lots of old Steinberg progs like halion string, HALION symphonic orchestra, lots of sequel packs, the complete instruments set, Halion Sonic, Halion 3,4,5, the grand 1,2,3, etc etc groove agent.

I’m sure a lot of these instruments and libs are duplicated across my current drives so it would be nice to do some house keeping.

Starting afresh with C7 what do I need to install to keep my new system like the old?



just a thought MC ,why not buy a migration software like Acronis plus package then you don’t have to worry about installing any thing .
Unless you want to do a complete reinstall . The way ive been working lately with a back up drive (cloned) is before updating software I make a restore point just in case but if all goes well with the installs ,updates ,new plugins and vsti’s i re-clone the disk to my spare SSD drive .
Im a great believer of the less programs on your system the more stable it’s going to be and if there are any issues they easy to trace :wink:
On this machine that i built 3 months ago ive only installed these programs
C6.5 / C7
Halion 5 / hs2
CC reg cleaner
Uad and loads of plugin’s .
Ive clone this setup as i know that it’s 100% reliable and if a mother board … you know the story ,it’s there for the new comp if need be .I could migrate this drive to the new comp ,add another ssd and dual boot and build the new drive to suit while still using my old setup .

just a thought matey :wink:

I presume you will primarily want to keep your data drives labelled the same.

Go to Control Panel, Admin Services, Computer Management, Disk Management. There you can redefine your drive labels so they are the same as your existing setup. This way every time you open a project you won’t have to fix references etc.

my 2c.
You want a fresh install you backup your sensitive data firstly and start from scratch.
With new hardware you might expect to have to install once, then tinker a bit, and possibly reinstall again. But probably not necessary…
Cubase 7 itself installation is effortless, you just follow the directions as always. I don’t have the same libraries as you though so can’t help you there.

oh, and I suggest keeping your old OS drive and hooking it up as a backup drive until your sure that all things like presets etc are moved over. Things like VSTpresets will still be on that drive, and all your own presets.

user/roaming/vst etc. you’ll want to move those all to the new locations once your setup.

My 2p.

Since you’re moving to exactly the same OS, I’d have to give strong consideration to the ‘image/restore’ plan.

Although I completely understand the benefits of ‘starting with a clean slate’ I think that would offer no -performance- gains; only -psychological-.

Everything I’ve read about ‘disk optimisation’ and ‘registry clutter’ seems like all those adverts for mega-vitamins. I doubt any measurable performance gains would be worth the inevitable pain and suffering.

OTOH, ‘clean slate’ is a perfectly reasonable mental strategy. Just so you understand that’s the main reason for so doing.

I would also STRONGLY heed the previous advice about matching drive letters. Every damned sample lib and VST seems to find a way to install stuff all OVER the place no matter how hard ya try to keep em all in one place. Like musical cockroaches. No standardisation.



thanks Guys,

I’m moving to windows 8 so a clean install is what it’s going to be.

I have a few things that wont be going on as they’ve not been updated, like the whole URS set of plugins!!!

My main question really was to do with V.I content, i.e. if I have the full Halion sonic do I need to install HSO? or if I have Halion 5 do I need to install the virtual instrument collection, as Halion seems to have those? or by installing the instruments separately do I get extra soundbanks?