new machine, first outing today :D

Just had my first day with the newly built DAW today:

i7 3930 Hex core @4.6 GHZ
Phanteks 140 HS/fans
32 gigs ram
Crucial 256 GB M4 SSD- windows 8 x64
Samsung 500 GB 840 SSD- samples drive
2 TB sample drive
1TB Audio drive
silent PSU
Corsair Obsidian 550 case.

Steinberg MR816 x2, UR824
Cubase 7 x64
Euphonix MC mix x2 MC transport.

Worked like a dream all day, just had one issue when opening a project with Halion 5, it couldn’t find the samples and crashed. Sorted it out with the search and all good.

Windows 8 is really great, even on a desktop non touch machine.

Big thanks to Scan in the UK for fantastic service, great O’d bench tested bundle, great service and the packages arrive exactly on the day and the hour they said.

I knocked back the fan speed with a small rise in temps but the machine is pretty silent now in the 550 case.


Congratulation, it looks like a monster DAW computer :slight_smile: I wish I had the money for such a setup :frowning:


thanks its a great machine, really great.

don’t worry about having the latest DAW(said the man with the latest DAW :slight_smile: ), I made one of my best albums on a dual P3 III 500MHGz computer.

Keep at it and you’ll get there :smiley:


Sounds like a dream…are you monitoring any operating temps? I see mine runs a little warmer but finding accurate measurements is probably the main issue even though I am measuring from the same point as the earlier CPU and cooler

That will be fun to update this great stuff into your sig… Good luck with this new machine

We have a similar system :slight_smile:

My temps are running around the 50 to 60 degrees which is well below any issues, I know it’s not as low as it could be but I’ll take slightly higher temps for lower noise here.

I recon on stock settings in the Obsidian case it would be silent, as it is its very quiet.

Windows 8 is working great and so far after tracking this week and now mixing all day today , its been a joy, no issues at all.


What motherboard did you go with? On board firewire for the MR816s? PCI slot?