New Marker Track?

The marker track is the same as a normal track in the arrangement view. I do not understand why. Because it takes up space that you cannot use. Most Daws have the marker track at the top of the arrange window. So you don’t keep disappearing the marker track when you scroll up or down. You can create a second new arrange window so that the marker track stays on screen but you still scroll the track away. I’m saying steinberg can solve this in a update and put markers on the info line. What do you think??

Activate the Track Divider and put it in there

Yes I do. But I also sometimes put tracks in the divider tracks that I want to have visible in a session. If you then zoom in or out, the marker track always comes along.
I don’t understand that they see this as a track while it is just global info. If it is as a fixed data in your infoline above it, you will not be bothered by it. It’s not a big issue but I notice that I sometimes avoid the marker track because of this.
The best would be. Click or insert a marker on the info line where you want a marker and also that you can give it a name there. I like cubase but some things could be simpler. We shall see. Thanks for your response !!!

Well, don’t zoom the Divided Tracks, and if you do, hit command ‘Zoom - Zoom Tracks Full’ to reset the upper divider. I have that set to Alt+Shift+F for easy access.

Pretend the Track Divider is what you want, and you can’t zoom it. It’s a static bar under the timeline. Don’t rely on the TrackDivider as some other place you put tracks. It’s a static area.

The other strategy is to put all the non-marker tracks in a folder that you keep closed unless you need them.

Also, because I have a ultrawide screen, most my workspaces have the Marker Manager window open to easily locate to them.

I second LoveGames’ approach… I find it helpful to think of the top divided area as any “visible all the time” tracks and set them with their heights how I like and put the divider in the right place so as much of them as I want shows all the time. Then I rarely scroll that area. The advantage of this over some hard-wired “marker tracks behave differently than other tracks” rule is that different people will have different kinds of tracks where they want different behaviors. With this, you can put whatever you want there. I usually put a time ruler, one or more marker tracks, a tempo track, a time sig track, sometimes a reference track of some sort that I want to see always, etc.

Plus, in some cases you may want markers to behave more like normal tracks… maybe put a specific set of markers that only apply to a few tracks onto a specific marker track and put hat into a folder with those tracks other tracks, for instance.

Thank for this information. Im aware of this but it is still strange that the marker track(ruler, temnpo track) are resizeable without any other function orinformatiion. For example if you look at Studio one or Ableton. the marker is at the upperline en what ever you do with the arrangment view. The marker is always visable and doesn’t take any space. Of course it’s not the biggest problem . But when I’m working on large projects sometimes the marker space is anoying. But thank you guys for your info!!

so the problem is the real-estate it takes? You could create a PLE/macro to hide and unhide the specific marker track and bind it to a command

Ok thanks. I wil check that.

You are assuming that folks only use a single Marker Track. I almost always use 2 and sometimes more. One is for song navigation (Intro, Verse1, Bridge, etc.). The other is for timeline related notes (e.g. “Fix cough on vocal track”, “double guitar line?”).

Also I frequently want to change the height of the Marker Tracks. Sometimes tiny to maximize room for other Tracks and other times huge so it can be seen across the room.

I used to use the Divided Track List but found that got in my way more than it helped. So for ages I just drag it up and down to be next to whatever Track(s) currently needs it. Do similar with the Chord Track too. Kinda clunky but it is quick & easy. Also I’ve got a bunch of PLE Presets that hide/unhide Tracks based on instrumentation which addresses the scrolling off screen issue from the other side by displaying fewer Tracks so they don’t need to scroll.

imo a few simple things would make the track divider better. For instance, having an option/preference in which ‘Resizing Track Divider Resizes Tracks’

Another would be key commands to fully minimize it, and restore it to previous size.

Yes Raino I know what you mean. Thanks!!! But the thing is when you resize the marker track vertically. The text stays the same size and doesn’t fill the track. I have big screen but the text stays the same tiny size.
So resizing has no use in a big room for me. It’s only using space in the daw. I prefer a steady place without the marker track being a part of the session/arrangment tracks. But that’s an opion for my workfow. See my picture!!!

I’m a bit confused about what your actual issue is.

Is your contention that you want the text marker name to be larger if the track height allows for it?

Or your saying, that there is no purpose to marker tracks being able to be resized because nothing changes?

This is incorrect though, if you have multiple cycle markers that are stacked ontop of/witlhin each other, or many markers close to eachother/you’re zoomed out, you will see that resizing the marker tracks alleviates clutter.

what you maybe want, which is something I’ve suggested before, is to be able to lock individual track sizes, and or, in preferences be able to set maximum tracks sizes per track type (just like you can with colour)

Yeah that is too bad, the text really should get bigger. Chord Track Events do.

But even with the text small making the Marker Track big I find useful for across-the-room. Mainly because it makes it easier to locate the Marker among the other Tracks. Also even though I can’t read the text the Markers are color coded so I can tell what’s where without needing to read. But reading would be good too.

I use Arranger Events for that purpose, sometimes doubled with a marker track if I want to cycle-locate them

Yes, there certainly room for improvement here.

One thing that bugged me (quite irrationally) about the divided Track List is I begrudged it the small vertical space taken up by the separator.


The way the Divided List works seems cumbersome to me. In Cubase you need to specify if a Track appears in the upper or lower section. Either one or the other. Compare that to how MS-Word allows you to split a document. Both the top and bottom sections can independantly scroll through the entire document. So you could have the first paragraph in the bottom section and the last in the top. If Track Divide worked like that it would be much more flexible and I think useful. Throw in some new Key Commands to control things and…

Yes you both got good suggestions. Maybe Steinberg gonna fix some feautures in a update.
Thanks Guys!!!