New Master Fader issue with latest update

Never had this before…

After a mixdown, my master fader is at zero (after the fade out) clicking back to start of the track brings it back to 0 (unity)

Now i import the audio mix to listen (without actually importing into the song, only for listening purposes) but no sound…my maser fader is at unity…still no sound…i have to actually close the import audio box and physically click on the master fader, which then gives me sound,so there is a problem with the gui although showing the fader is up, it’s actually not.

Never had this before it’s only been introduced in this latest update 9.5.10 I hope they fix it soon cause it’s a real pain.

do you have automation on the master track?, make sure the read button is off, set the volume and try again a mixdown…

On every load (even from older versions) in the arrangewindow (left) appears a folder with input/output tracks…

Sorry about my english

I have been working like this for over 20 years with all previous versions of Cubase. Never had this problem. Why should I need to turn off the fade automation? Once you open the ‘insert audio’ window for listening to the audio, it automatically bypasses all plugins and data on cubase…however now with this last version, the master fader is problematic. It is up at 0 (unity) but the sound is off. I now discover that I click on it once and the sound comes back but only by half, by pressing on it again, the sound comes back at full power and the fader is up at 0 (unity gain) all the time…HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

Please Steinberg if you are seeing this, please sort this out a.s.a.p.