New Master Page Type

Currently, the only master page types available are First, Default, and Custom. The First page type appears on the first page of every flow. It would be useful to also have a Title page type. This type would function similar to First. This difference is the Title would appear on the first page of the first flow only, and First would appear of the first page of every other flow.

This would allow for the very first page of a layout to show, for example, the Project Title and Flow Title, but the first page of other flows only show that particular flow’s title. A full project title isn’t necessary at the start of every flow, so this would be a way to implement that without having to manually override every layout.

TLDR: Add a master page type that only appears on the very first page of the layout.

I agree: most works are likely to display the “Project Title” on the first page, with section titles for each flow. e.g. “Missa Brevis” as the Project title, and Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, etc. as each Flow’s title.

I have this in the Template Document, on which all my files are based. It’s very easy to setup. Though having it by default would be nice.

It is still very simple to create these extra master pages and not only a Title Master page, but any kind of extra text page, which you can insert at any point in the document. I made a couple of extra pages that my clients uses in their house style, the last one having their logo:

These extra pages are part of the template I use when I starting a new job, so they are always available.

I second the OP! I understand the right panel needs to not get too cluttered, but a title master page would be great.

Yes, this would make things slightly easier. As is, I make a custom master page for the title page, and use First for the first page of every flow.

Where can I find an introduction to these functions?

When I try to create a title page, Dorico seems not to understand the ordinary code, so it actually displays {@flowTitle@} etc. instead of what I want. (See att.)

Trassvisa hennes (482 KB)

See the second note on this help page: Text tokens

Dear Rune,
Change all the “flow” occurrences in your Tittelside with “project”, and fill the right fields in your Project info. Dorico does not know which flow you were talking about (even though there is only one) because no music is attached to the page. Hope it helps !
[Edit] Of course, Anders’ advice works too. I only find it more elegant to use the projects tokens for this front page.

Both ways worked perfectly, and I think I have understood their different uses.

Thank you!