New Media bay causing H7 to be very laggy VIDEO ADDED

In standalone mode H7 .30 Media bay causes Lag when dragging the mediabay compartment wider or thinner .

Since updating to H70.0.30 and SDM forcing a new mediabay to be installed H7’s media bay has become so laggy it’s like using a 20 year old bit of software . to reproduce just grab hold of the edge of the media bay and make it thinner or wider , all other windows in H7 work perfectly correct

Video added , H7 , completely unusable since the installation of the new FORCED downloaded mediabay

I can’t tell - Win or Mac.? Either way, doesn’t look good…

It’s Win 10
It’s only when you are on the browser part of the mediabay , if you choose the library part it’s ok but searching folders visa the bay is basically unusable . the normal media bay is fine , the side mediabay is fine , H7 even in standalone mode acts like this , horrendous and if i get told to trash my preferences one more time … Btw this is with an RTX 3060 graphics card as well all setup correctly

Tried to repro in Standalone Halion 7, not seeing this at all. Any other info?


Only that it’s a Multiscreen Daw other than that ,nope , and this has only happened since last week with the new mediabay update

2 screens here, same behavior on both, RTX 3050…

Ok - sorry to hear it… And I’m not going to be much further help either, as I don’t have it myself.

If you have Cubase 12, do you see this with the on-board HALion Sonic too (standalone or plugin).? I think you can still run it even if you’ve got the full H7 installed as well… just to help troubleshoot. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a guy on YouTube who’s done a comprehensive series of tutorials for H7 - I haven’t seen him complain similarly for example… indicating there is something amiss locally (though not entirely ruling out that there is ‘bugs’ with H7 itself of course.!).
One Man And His Songs - YouTube

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Basically im at the end of the road here , C12 has caused nothing but Nightmares here personally , cost a fortune just to update from C11 , every point update , preferences needed trashing , you go to the SDM and you are not given the option to install or not a mediabay update . I don’t like that one little bit , I control whats being installed on my working PC no one else . The only stable version with ALL apps ive had in C12 is .052 .
With the delay of C13 they had better of ironed EVERY graphical 2 dll issue or im selling the lot , had enough


Steve , all im after is a stable working environment where you don’t have to feel scared going to a SDM because they install what ever they want on your system . It’s work around after work around with C12 but the only time you find these issue is when your right in the middle of a creative moment , from day one of C12 it has been a battle , youv’e seen my build , given it my best shot to stay in spec , C12 ran beautifully on .052 , then i updated from H6 to H7 and all has gone Pete Tong AGAIN , I wait , miss out 60 because of more broken MR stuff being introduced and then …the final , final lack of fixes update leaves me with a Steinberg ONLY daw where i cant even use the components together in fear of Crashes . They might not , my last attempts of solving issues MIGHT of worked BUT the positive feeling of all going well while using Cubase is not there , it’s worn me out . I just want to create !

Here’s standalone mode : Graphics RTX3060 set on Hi pro mode

GA5 for comparison , all other apps work as expected , no crashes nothing , only H7 cuases me such a headache and it’s a major part of my workflow

Backbone , In Cubase while plying , on screen two with a track count of 118 and 29 mins in the project , i have plenty of ram , it’s naff all to do with my setup , it’s Halion 7

Positive note :
i7 track count 118 and the Asio meter not even on quarter , C12 runs perfect until …

Can’t edit the title to add SOLVED (hayho ,what ever )
Support have been absolutely fantastic with helping resolve this lag issue , very prompt .
Required a full DDU in safe mode but , it’s worked

Brilliant, to read this update.! Glad you’re sorted with the graphic lag now… :smiley:

What’s does a ‘full DDU’ in safe mode mean please…?

Curious - so there was no issue with MediaBay/Cubase updates after all.? They just didn’t play nice with the state of your system at the time… (or are crashes still happening…!?!)

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A full DDu is an uninstall all components of the Graphics in Safe Mode via a little auto program which cleans the registry , it’s very handy if you have had a long running PC and changed the graphics so many times and there’s little bits left in the registry , doesn’t matter the make or model , it will remove them and give you a totally clean install .
The link is to Toms Hardware as the DDU to find on the original site is a pain
How to Totally Uninstall Nvidia, AMD or Intel Graphics Drivers | Tom’s Hardware (

It’s hard to say as the lag only started after visiting the SDA and being forced to install the mediabay , like a lot of things if you install something on top of … some drivers don’t like that , case of rebedding the driver i suppose

I cant say at the moment if the crashes are still happening until i use H7 again in the project i’m working on . If it turns out to be a back preference saved while Halion is loaded with that old driver then i might have to remove Halion and restart a track , time will tell but it’s a step forward

Thanks - understood. Will bookmark that page you linked for future reference…

(always good hearing support have been on the case and helpful too) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice one :+1:
Support have been very good , taken a bit ot too and throwing but , we are where we are .