New menu item: Close File/And Open Next

When I hit File|Close I’d like an option to ‘Open Next’ (use whatever nomenclature you like) which would, even before the close occurs, bring up a dlalogue to open -another- CPR.

Use case: Since one can’t have -two- active documents at the same time, my most common operation in Cubase is:

File|Close… (wait…)
File|Open… (select… wait…)

What I would like is

  1. File|Close/And Open Next
  2. Dialogue appears: Select document to open

Now I go out for coffee while the close and open dance goes on.

Yes, I know one can have more than one document open, but since it takes so long to open/switch and since one can’t have more than one -active- document, the above would save me a certain amount of time each day.

The larger problem (if yer -me- anyhoo) is that Cubase often makes me feel locked into working on ONE thing all day. Since the load/save/close dance is so lengthy it runs against -my- manic brain. I -often- will be working on one CPR and get an idea on another. This happens about 10xs a day and I often have to throttle the idea (and lose it) because I think to myself “it would take to long to switch gears.” It’s like being out on a boat… you realise you left something at the dock… and it’s just a PITA to have to go back.

So little things like this would -really- help.

+1 I hear and feel your pain. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: